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October 1, 2018

A note on my type (see what I did there?)

Regular readers may have noticed that I have been conducting an experiment (full disclosure: without consent. Sue me. But I digress).

For the past week — since last Monday, September 24) I have been posting 4 times daily (8:01 a.m.; 10:01 a.m.; 12:01 p.m; 2:01 p.m.) instead of 3 times a day, a frequency* I've been on for a number of years.

Why the sudden uptick, which came without any advance warning to you or me?

What suddenly got into me, such that I added a 2:01 p.m. post?

I have no idea, as is the case regarding the reasons why I do most things.

As Ingmar Bergman remarked, "Explanations are simply clumsy rationalizations with hindsight."

A nod to Crack Sweden Correspondent©® Pippi Heavey:

Förklaringar är helt enkelt klumpiga rationaliseringar med efterhand.

But I digressed again.

As best I can recall, Gray Cat and I slept particularly well Sunday night, September 23/24, and we both woke all fired up and sassy.

She gets hers out by racing around the house; me, all I've got is this virtual mouse (clearly on a roll today).

But that's O.K.

In the words of Sonny and Cher, "I got you, babe."

*Apologies to Kenneth

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Reading with a pencil


Above and below, Oliver Sacks' marginalia.


From Austin Kleon: "Photographer Bill Hayes wrote a nice essay about Oliver Sacks' love of words, and he's been posting images of Sacks' hand-annotated books on Twitter."

There are over 500 on display.


Fair warning: there goes the day.

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Global Fishing Watch Map

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 11.29.20 AM

"The Global Fishing Watch map gives the public a way to see the tracks of commercial fishing vessels at sea in near real-time."

Fair warning: there goes the day.

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Wake-Up Face Wipes


From the website:



Feeling sleepy at the wheel or need to perk up for work or study?

Reach for these Gira Gira Kun Wake-Up Face Wipes by Koyo Kasei.

Their integrated compound of caffeine and menthol will instantly refresh and re-energize you.

Shake off sleepiness with just a wipe from Gira Gira Kun!

Features and Details:

• Pack of 8

• 15 sheets per pack

• Image on pack may vary

• Caffeine and menthol compound

• Helps to wake you up as well as remove sweat and odors

• Instructions: Japanese

• For use on face only

• Made in Japan


Pack of 8: $28.

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