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October 20, 2018

Why I'm switching from novels to short stories at bedtime


In two words: Gray Cat.


I'm unable to read more than a half-page in bed at night before she throws out her Kitty Somnolence Field©®, rendering me unconscious so rapidly that in the morning, I can't even recall turning out the light.


Clearly she tosses in a dollop of retrograde amnesia at no additional charge.


I wish I could bottle and sell what she does

IMG_0047 2

'cause I'd be richer than Croesus.

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What is it?

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 12.48.02 PM

Answer here this time tomorrow.

Hint: smaller than a bread box.

Another: much.

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Location History Visualizer


Be afraid.

Be very afraid.


Long story short, from the New York Times:

In 2014, a high school student named Theo Patt released a tool, Location History Visualizer, to give shape to this information, placing users' entire Google location histories on an intensely color-coded map, like something that might hang on the wall at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It became a minor sensation, and tens of thousands of visits to his site followed.

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Keychain Mini-Level


For the person who thinks their EDC


is all that.



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