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October 7, 2018

BehindTheMedspeak: How to read paywalled scientific articles


Most of the leading science journals block access to full articles, instead putting their abstracts online along with an option to purchase access to the full report, with prices usually running $25-$50, even then sometimes allowing access for only 30 days.


For a single article!

Much better: simply email any of the authors of the article and far more likely than not they'll respond with a PDF of the entire paper.


I know this because once upon a time, in a century and on a coast far, far away, I published scientific papers and often received many requests for reprints, each and every one of which I fulfilled by sending a copy of the actual publication on paper (my department paid the journal for reprints).

I sent them free, the way those requesting a copy liked it.


Nowadays it's way easier to respond; pixels are easier, faster, and cheaper than dead tree vehicles.

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