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October 5, 2018

bookofjoe World Exclusive: Many Worlds IRL©®


Constant readers will recall posts over the years touching on Hugh Everett III and his "Many Worlds" theory of the universe.

Breaking: it's not just theory.

For the past few years I've been employing this theory in everyday life and I am here to tell you that, like any valid theory, not only does it describe the present but it also makes predictions that come true.


Using "Many Worlds" in Everyday Life

Sometimes while I'm making something, my attention turns to something else.

When I return to what I was doing, an object or tool I was working with isn't where I left it.

It dawned on me that the object or tool might be precisely where I left it — but in a parallel universe that's almost identical to the one I'm conscious of and believe I'm living in.

When some time later the two universes reconnect, voilà — there's the object or tool, right where I left it.

Think about it.

It's not rocket surgery.


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