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October 21, 2018

Himalayan Pink Salt with Integrated Adjustable Grinder



A couple weeks ago I realized I was having trouble seeing how much salt I was using on fried eggs: white on white along with the small size of the crystals, compounded by my slight myopia (I use 1.25 diopter reading glasses, the smallest correction routinely available at CVS) all combined to make what should be routine an adventure.

The penny dropped: use colored salt!

I went off in search of fleur de sel, which I've long known about and which has a pale grey color I thought would make it more visible.

Looking for it in the spice section, I happened to notice Himalayan Pink Salt, in a tricked-out container.

Very attractive soft pink hue.

I bought a shaker/grinder of it whose plastic seal said "Adjustable Grind."

Long story short: Once home, I couldn't figure out how to adjust the grind, and since it was preset at "Fine," I had as much trouble visualizing the tiny pink crystals as I had previously with Morton's white.

The next day back to the store I went, this time to see if there was another brand with a grinder I could figure out.

Nope: there were three different brands of Himalayan Pink Salt, all with grinders identical to the one I had.

This isn't rocket surgery, I thought to myself.

I got down on the floor of the spice aisle with the salt containers and studied them carefully.

Lo and behold, each one said on the plastic seal โ€” which I'd tossed away without looking at it when I returned home with mine the previous day โ€” in big bold letters, "Raise for coarse grind."


I went home, pulled on the grinder mechanism, and it snapped up: Coarse grind!

Sure enough, my visibility problem was solved: the much larger pink bits were easily spotted against the fried egg whites.

It doesn't take much to make me happy.

Himalayan Pink Salt in an adjustable grinder/shaker like that pictured up top (identical to mine) โ€” costs $4-$6 at grocery stores everywhere.

If you're not in the mood for an excursion, Amazon will bring it to you for $6.50.

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Old cook's trick, shake the salt into the palm of your hand (where it is visible) and from there salt the food.

Posted by: Rick | Oct 21, 2018 4:51:21 PM

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