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October 13, 2018

1890 Mechanical Singing Bird

From Atlas Obscura:


The video above shows a mechanical singing bird from Paris circa 1890.

It's not much larger than the size of a fist but reproduces the sound of birdsong almost exactly.

Even though your new iPhone may be capable of the same feat, you can bet it doesn't look nearly as steampunk while doing so.

The whirs and ticks of the mechanism somehow add to the soothing element of the song and video.

Be careful about playing it out loud at your desk, though — your coworkers may think that a bird has made its way into the office.

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Amazing! Sounds just like a bird too. They made things much better back then. Things lasted and worked better. I would love to own such a wonderful object. I like music boxes of yesteryear. Thanks for sharing this!

Posted by: Susan Ishida | Oct 13, 2018 4:23:54 PM

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