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November 18, 2018

BehindTheMedspeak: The last hospital I worked at


Above and below, two photos taken in operating rooms at the institution cited in the headline.


Lagniappe: the OR clocks there were not adjusted for Daylight Savings Time.

So they were correct half the time.

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Experts' Expert: How to keep your brass and copper shiny



Up top, whole tamarind.

Below, tamarind paste.


Below, brass in an Indian temple.


[via the New York Times]

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Chesterfield Snail


From Atlas Obscura:


This magnificent example of public art is based at a location which was, from the 1990s until the early 21 century, a derelict industrial factory site between the Chesterfield railway station and the River Rother.

The factory was demolished and replaced with a housing development.

This spiral sculpture is a result of the Chesterfield Borough Council's planning policy, which encourages all large developments to include up to 1% of the total investment for public art.


Liz Lemon, the sculptor behind the artwork, used the land as inspiration, as the area is known for both Goniatite and gastropod fossils.

She also paid homage to the land's industrial past.

Because the factory that formerly stood at the site built turbines for many of the world’s large hydroelectric dams, Lemon designed the sculpture in metal with a high precision finish to reflect the former factory's dedication to high-quality engineering.


Manthorpe Engineering completed the construction.

The resulting sculpture is about 25 feet high.

The spiral form was created from many sections of stainless steel sheets that vary in thickness, and the way it fits together is evocative of the types of pipework construction used in the hydropower plants that the former factory worked on.


The artwork has five rows of "portholes" of reducing size all the way around the spiral.

The internal cavity houses blue and green fiber optic lights that are switched on at night.

If you are travelling by train through Chesterfield, you can see the artwork to the east of  Chesterfield station. 

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Heat-Sensitive iPhone Case


From the website:



These cases change color in response to heat.

Made with durable and shock-absorbent plastic and rubber to keep your phone stylish, slim, and safe.



$9 (iPhone not included).

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