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November 22, 2018

Internet Archive Software Collection


Fair warning: 




goes the rest of your life.

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Aidell's Sausage Easter Egg


I just noticed that they've enhanced their packaging by enclosing each of the four sausages in its own sealed compartment, such that unlike their previous packaging — and that of every other sausage brand — you don't have to wrap or bag the unused sausages to keep them fresh in the fridge.


Very nicely done, and big shout-out to the packaging engineers who invented it and got it implemented.

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Helpful Hints from joeeze: How to find a power outlet in an airport


"To those who said outlets aren't available in airports, where you do think the custodial staff plug in their cleaning machines? The sockets are either behind trash cans or under removable screw caps in the floor. Look around, you'll find them."

From a comment on David Pogue's now-retired New York Times blog.

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Pie Dam


What's this?

The no-nonsense testers over at Cook's Illustrated reviewed it as follows:

"Leftover pie doesn't last long, but when there is some to spare, a Pie Gate... promises to keep the filling intact. This plastic tool, which looks like two wings attached on a central hinge, adjusts to fit any angle — and most pie plates. Its does the job of neatly and tightly sealing in leaky fillings. The device can also double as a dam for cut rounds of creamy, oozy cheeses such as Brie or Camembert."

From the product website:


Slips into place when you cut that first piece of pie, thereby containing soft filling and keeping the sliced edge fresh.

Pies, tarts, and casseroles keep their shape and stay fresh longer.

Easily adjusts to any angle.

Fits most 8"–9" pie plates.

Dishwasher safe.


4203S_07_10_2012__17_53_51_700 copy

Set of two: $6.99 (pie not included).

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