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December 8, 2018

Working Time Machine


"Unknown Civil War faces are being identified through a facial recognition app."

From Vintage News:


The Civil War Photo Sleuth (CWPS) website was launched in August of this year by Kurt Luther and his students at Virginia Tech; Ron Coddington, an editor for Military Images; and Paul Quigley, head of the Virginia Center for Civil War Studies.

Since then they have identified around 75 photographed individuals and have many more eligible for comparison.


The people behind this webpage are striving to create the world’s most comprehensive database of Civil War photographs that would include not only soldiers and sailors but also civilians.

The page is in the process of connecting with the Digital Public Library of America and a host of different museum, library, and cultural institution archives around the globe.

CWPS users have complete control over how they want to display the photographs they submit and can also post anonymously.

They can share their photos only with specific people, or make them public for all group members.

The identification process runs through a detailed and elaborate facial recognition software. Luther writes for Military Images: "Face recognition software measures the ratios between landmarks detected on an unidentified face and finds the most similar ratios in a database of identified faces. The technology works on both modern photos and historical ones, like those pictured here."

To augment the precision of the whole process, users can tag the photos with different clues, such as insignia and inscription. This allows for a precise elimination process when identifying the photographs.

To minimize machine-made errors, humans and their skills are added to the mixture. Through crowdsourcing, the developers include different people who complete a variety of "micro-tasks" additionally adding to the accuracy of the results.

There are many more plans for the future of CWPS, as Luther reveals: "For instance, we're excited about the potential for capturing photographer data, something historically hard to find, and using it to triangulate the identification of the photo's subjects."

"We envision automatically grouping photos with the same painted backdrop, or identifying regiments associated with certain photographers and date ranges."

CWPS is open and accessible for all enthusiasts. It is free to use and can be accessed through an existing Facebook account.

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Easy-peasy Weather Station







Wait a sec — what's that music I'm hearing?

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Null Stern: Swiss hotel room with no walls, ceilings, or doors


Null Stern is an open air hotel in the Swiss Alps consisting of one room.


It costs $210/night.


Queen bed, fresh linens.


Room service is available.


A public bathroom is a five minute walk away.


Reservations: info@nullsternhotel.ch

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Avocado Hugger


From the website:


A sliver on a taco, a spoonful in a smoothie, or a spread on toast: A little avocado goes a long way.

Keep its other half fresh and intact with this form-fitting silicone cup.

These huggers ensure that you're prepared to preserve your favorite fresh fruit, and the convenient pit pocket can be pushed in or out for the tightest possible seal.

Made of BPA- and phthalate-free silicone in China.


Rachel Whiteread, please call your studio: your order is in.


Set of two: $7.95 (avocados not included except for orders from the southern suburbs of Atlanta).

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