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December 9, 2018

The Discipline of Do Easy — William S. Burroughs and Gus Van Sant

Van Sant's film, illustrating an easier and calmer approach to things than is usually the case, was made in 1978, when he was 26 years old.

From Motherboard:


Van Sant began working on the 16mm film while he was still in film school at the Rhode Island School of Design, and when he moved to Los Angeles, it became one of the first of his non-school-related projects.

To get permission to use the short story on which it is based, he found Burroughs in the New York City telephone book, rang him up, and and asked if he could come over. It was easy.

Said Van Sant, "One of the things Burroughs said during our visit (not in the film or story) was, 'Of course, when anyone knocks something over, or trips over something or breaks anything, they are at that moment thinking of someone they don't like.'

"Every time I knocked something over or tripped over anything, I stopped to think, and I was always thinking of someone or something I didn't like. This was illuminating.

"Time and again, when I fumbled and broke something, there it was, I was thinking about some unfortunate incident in my past where I had been misjudged, ridiculed, or been caught red-handed by someone; when I stubbed my toe, I realized that I was thinking of a meeting in the future with someone about something that I didn't want anything to do with.

"So, the answer was possibly to not do too much moving around when things appear in your mind that could lead to someone or something that you don't like. I haven't mastered this one, however."


Go ahead and watch, nine more minutes wasted won't matter much.

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Roz Chast riffs on the Spam Museum

Chast 1

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Mercury train in Chicago, 1936


Back story here.


[via imgur]

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Light-Up Hat


Beanie with removable 120-lumen USB-rechargeable LED light.

Four hours of continuous light from full charge.


Lightweight washable acrylic polyester.


Designed in 2014 by Sverre Steensen.


Remove light to wash [doh!].

Four illumination settings.

Gray or Black.



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