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December 20, 2018

Portrait of the artist (Cecelia Paredes) as wallpaper VIII


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On removing stickers


If you're like me, you hate those labels and stickers on new — and used — objects and books that, when you try to remove them, shred and leave adhesive residue behind.

Of course, that means you even care about such things: most people, I've learned, don't.

When I expound on my techniques for impeccable removal, their eyes glaze over. 

Fair warning: that only makes me go on at even greater length.

But I digress.

Here are some hard-won tips:

• It matters a lot how fast you attempt to peel off the label. Go as slowly as possible. Hysteresis makes the elastic adhesive want to stay with the label rather than the object.

• Always peel back a corner first, then proceed.

• Like sticks to like: using the removed label or sticker's adhesive is the best way to retrieve what was left behind.

• Should the above fail, Scotch tape or masking tape, repeatedly applied and removed, will gradually lift up what remains.

• The nuclear option: nail polish remover (preferably lemon scented): acetone is wondrous. You can alway buy dedicated removers like GooGone but where's the fun in that?

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The return of supersonic passenger jets

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 5.27.30 AM

Above, an artist's concept of Aerion's upcoming business jet, slated to make its first flight in 2023.

Features and Details:

• 12 passengers

• Range of 4,200 nautical miles at Mach 1.4

• Aerion expects to sell 300 planes over 10 years and 500 in total

• Capable of Mach 1.2 over land without a sonic boom hitting the ground

• List price: $120 million, about twice that of the most expensive subsonic large business jets

• GE's new engine, pictured below, is the first supersonic engine developed in the 55 years since the Concorde


[via Forbes]

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Hover Soccer


From the website:



Hover Soccer floats on a cushion of air, allowing it to glide over any smooth surface.

This revolutionary new toy magically floats over hardwood, tiles, concrete, low pile carpet, and more!

Designed with foam bumper protection that keeps it from damaging furniture or marking up walls.


Kids love playing indoors with Hover Soccer and not having to worry about knocking anything over.

Get kids off TV and video games with Hover Soccer.

Keep them active and in shape with a fun sport.


LED lights allow kids to play at night, making Hover Soccer even more fun and exciting.

Requires AA batteries (not included).




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