There are passive clock watchers, and then there are those who are up for a little challenge.
Keep your brain active and improve your mathematical skills with this clock, which digitally displays various math equations that need to be solved in order to read the time.
For example, 8+4 hours and 30+3 minutes equals 12:33.
Named after Albert Einstein, this time teller features a crisp white LED display and six different levels of difficulty.
Features and Details:
• Can be set for 12- or 24-hour time
• Includes power adapter
• Wall-mountable
Why we chose this
The Albert Clock is named after Albert Einstein and inspired by an apocryphal anecdote: that Einstein was bad at math.
Designer Alex Schindlbeck, who conceived this clock for a small Paris-based company, set out to turn classroom boredom into mental calculation skills.
He gave the standard alphanumeric segment font a makeover, with improved readability of numbers and mathematical symbols.