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December 22, 2018

Mattress Mechanics


No, it's not matrix mechanics or rocket surgery but there is something here worth a second look.

Yesterday I finally succeeded in getting off my lazy butt and summoned up the gumption and energy to rotate and flip my mattress and box springs.

I won't even begin to go into how many years past their expiration date they are.

You're probably like me that way.

I mean, if mattress manufacturers had their way, you'd buy a new set every 5-10 years.

And you'd flip and rotate every two months, according to Consumer Reports.

Good luck with that.

But I digress.

Anyhoo, after dealing with the box springs and flipping my mattress, I began the process of rotating it 180° so that what was the head would then be the foot.

Halfway through the rotation, while the mattress was 90° from its original top-to-bottom orientation, the penny dropped.


Looking at the bed, I realized that the innards would theoretically perform better if left sideways, as it were, than fully inverted.

Now the springs and whatnot wouldn't be responding in the same old same old way to my body's downward force just shifted laterally, but rather the 90° reorientation would blaze new force paths.

Of course, there's so much placebo effect happening here, what with my excitement at seemingly discovering something new, that it's pretty much impossible to tell if how nice the bed felt last night was simply a result of thinking it was better rather than being better.

No matter: I mean, it's hard to see how I could've made it worse, and in any event I did flip and rotate the darned things.

I'll update this post in 2028.

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