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December 11, 2018



This comic made me laugh really hard: it reminded me of a funny thing that happened in the early 80s at UCLA when I was a research fellow in the UCLA Department of Anesthesiology.

I'd written what I thought was the final draft — after many revisions — of a research paper.

I gave it to my supervising professor for a final look.

Arrrgh: he returned it with still more corrections/edits.

I made them all, and returned the paper to him maybe a month later.

He edited it and returned it to me.

Most of his new revisions had restored my original text.

You can bet I approached the many future papers we collaborated on a bit differently....

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One of the first professors that I wrote with ended up telling me to submit our article to journal and whatever corrections they asked for, simply send the paper back to them unedited in a month and say "SEE REVISIONS" just to see if they cared. Almost all would accept the papers with almost nothing more than minor editing.

I was told unless they had a format change -- we had to worry about how images, charts, or citations were done, to never change a thing and just resend. To this day, the dude is still one of the most published professors I've worked with.

Sadly, I worked with him BEFORE the APA decided that grad students and the folks that provided data sets and those that did the bulk of the work should have their name as an author and not simply as an acknowledgment, with the note that when we become professors, we will do the same as he did.

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