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December 17, 2018

The World's 100 Best Pens


New York magazine did the deepest dive ever into the world of pens in order to bring us detailed reviews of each and every one of their top 100.


If you're a pen fanatic like Flautist and me you're gonna be in heaven, reading about your favorites, seeing where they're ranked, and learning about great pens you never knew existed.


I read every word of every review and loved every minute of every hour I spent doing so.


A few of my new favorites appear above and below.


Can't wait till they arrive so I can try them out.


One interesting takeaway: quality is unrelated to price.


Fair warning: there goes the rest of the year.


[via Crack Research Team©® Correspondent Richard Kashdan, laboring ceaselessly in the Elysian Fields of San Francisco to bring us great stuff]

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You need to go to jetpens.com to feed your habit. They have a very wide selection (particularly of Japanese pens) and the prices aren't bad at all.

Posted by: Tracey Davidson | Dec 19, 2018 4:07:35 PM

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