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January 30, 2019

Let us now praise YouTube

Right up there under Wikipedia among resources I use on a many times daily basis to create boj is YouTube.

What a fantastic, easy-to-use search engine.

Whether to find a particular video or movie that I've read about and want to watch; illustrate a joke or reference I'm using in a post; check and see I'm remembering correctly some ancient song or commercial that's just popped into my mind; or replying to certain readers (you know who you are — you may not have a Corvette but it's little and red... heh) — who will appreciate an arcane link to a matter under discussion,  it's fo shizzle.

An extra shout-out to the 591 subscribers to the bookofjoe channel.

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Where I write: Sci-fi & fantasy authors in their creative spaces


From Wired:


While visiting Michael Swanwick's home, photographer Kyle Cassidy charmed his way into taking a peek at the author's workspace (above).

Cassidy say he felt as if he'd "cracked open Swanwick's skull and seen inside his genius."

Thus began a project: snapping photos in the lairs of award-winning authors like Joe Haldeman (below),


Gregory Frost, Piers Anthony, and Frederik Pohl (below).


It's "Cribs" for the literary set."

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Meet Kent French, the world's fastest clapper: 14 times in one second


His nickname is "Toast."

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New York City from above

Image-1 9

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Kit Kat Mini Strawberry Cheesecake Mount Fuji — "Exclusive Japanese Flavor"


From the website:


The Kit Kat Mini Strawberry Cheesecake Mount Fuji is a Kit Kat snack not only exclusive to Japan, but which also comes in a decidedly Japanese style.

Not only do these sweet Kit Kat Mini snacks taste special, boasting a unique strawberry cheesecake chocolate flavor, they also have a Mount Fuji-inspired package that also features cherry blossoms and Tokyo Tower.

This is a pack of nine snacks that Japanophiles will love.

Made in and exclusive to Japan.


Nine-pack: $12.

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