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January 29, 2019

Somnox Sleep Robot


Pictured above, Washington Post columnist Geoffrey Fowler snuggling with Somnox on the floor of the CES trade show.

From Fowler's Washington Post story:


Perhaps a robot can help [you sleep]. 

A $550 device called Somnox chills you out by simulating the breathing of a bed companion. 

Sensors detect your breath, and try to regulate it subconsciously when you hug the cloth-covered robot and feel the rising and falling of its "breathing" and hear its soothing sounds. 

It's a high-tech teddy.



This device can't come close to what my cat does every night once she climbs up onto the bed and wedges herself into the space between my left upper arm and chest.

As soon as she begins the "walking in place" routine that precedes her drop onto the sheet, I take off my glasses and put my book aside. 

Once I put my right palm against her minky soft, furry belly, it's game over.

I never even remember turning out the light, so powerful is her comfort field.

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