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February 5, 2019

Do not adjust your TV: Red grass in China


From Atlas Obscura:


As we look out across the world's largest wetland area, the swath of marshy flora growing in the shallow waters of Dawa County, China is an eye-popping crimson.


Despite its otherworldly appearance, the lush red grasses of this Chinese marsh have an all too earthly — if still rare — origin.

The plant is actually a form of Chenopodium (a member of the Amaranthaceae).

This specific species is unique in that it can thrive in alkaline — "sweet" — soil.


The otherworldly landscape is also known as "home of the cranes," namely the red crowned crane (above and below),


among the rarest in the world.

This beautiful bird is considered a symbol of luck, longevity and fidelity.


Tourists can walk among the  government-protected rare reeds via specially installed wooden walkways that extend out over the delicate ecosystem.



Wait a sec — what's that music I'm hearing?

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When Raymond Chandler met Twitter


From Dan Piraro's BizarroBlog.

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In Athens — Bernard Spencer



Below, a marked-up typescript of the poem, used by the typesetter.

In Athens  marked-up typescript used by typesetter


Below, a second draft of the poem, written in blue biro.

In Athens  second draft  written in blue biro


"In Athens" appeared in Spencer's 1963 collection "With Luck Lasting."

Explore the life and work of the English poet (1909-1963) here and here.

His complete poems may be viewed here.

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A Brief History of Cheese

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Tobisho Secateurs


From the website:


These secateurs are for general garden pruning of trees and shrubs.

The anvil blade offers a clean cutting edge with great leverage.

Sturdy and comfortable to hold, this tool can cut up to 0.75"Ø.

Tobisho pruners are hand-forged in the city of Yamagata, famous for its blacksmithing and iron casting.

Yasuhito Tobitsuka is the 8th and current blacksmith.

The company has a history of more than 200 years.


Features and Details:

• High-carbon steel blade

• Blade length: 2.25"

• Overall length: 8"

• Weight: 8.6 oz.




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