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February 13, 2019

NASA goes asteroid hunting

You know how there's a seemingly endless stream of movies about Earth being threatened by an asteroid impact?

NASA's decided to take the first step toward saving life on our planet in the event such a collision appears possible.

Watch and marvel.

From Thrillist:


As for when this is all going to happen, NASA plans to launch its probe between 2020 and 2021, and expects it to smack into Didymoon in October 2022.


After that, an ESA craft known as Hera will launch toward Didymos and Didymoon and investigate the crater created by DART a few years later to determine its "momentum transfer" and precisely how effective the deflection method worked.

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Bronze horse and jockey


Found in the sea in a shipwreck off Cape Artemision, Greece, in 1928.

Approximately life-size: 9.5 feet long x 6.9 feet high.

The rider is thought to be a boy, possibly Ethiopian.

Late Hellenistic period, 150-125 BCE.

National Archaeological Museum, Athens, Greece.

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What is the sound of One Hand Potato Chips?


Curious minds want to know.

From the Guardian:


Drinkable potato chips: keeping your phone grease-free

Among the concerns facing today's social media maven: how can one scroll through Instagram and enjoy a bag of potato chips without getting their phone all greasy?

It's a dilemma Steve Jobs was never able to solve, but that hasn’t stopped today's innovators.A Japanese snack company is offering chips that require only a single hand to consume — and you don't have to touch the chips at all.

The Tokyo company Koike-ya is behind One Hand Chips, which come pre-smashed so that you can essentially drink them, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 12.19.53 PM

[Above, a One Hand Chip bag with spout opening]

Now you can swipe with clean hands, and while the calories pile up, you don't have to waste valuable energy chewing.

As one enthusiast tells the paper: "I can just take it and chug it."

Koike-ya is aware of the significance of its accomplishment, calling One Hand Chips "a new snack style humankind has been waiting for," the Journal reports.


[via Koikeya]

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"Operation Red Sea"

Superb new Chinese action film, based on a true story.

Think "Black Hawk Down" —  but better.

Highest recommendation.

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What is it?

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 12.41.22 PM copy

Hint: smaller than a breadbox.

Another: no moving parts.

A third: fully functional in microgravity.

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