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February 25, 2019

3D Hexagon Murals Transform Buildings


Above and below, exemplars.

From the Guardian:



The Dutch artist David Louf, who goes by Mr June, is the person behind these striking 3D hexagon murals, which have appeared on walls from Berlin to the Bronx.

Louf grew up in Amsterdam immersed in hip-hop and graffiti, and turned to graphic design as an adult.

Eight years ago he moved back to street art and now combines his skills to create vibrant, abstract murals on buildings across the world.


The walls are Louf's canvasses, and he plays off different structures and shapes on the buildings.

His only restriction is his fascination with hexagons.

"My walls are more the playground version of that study of the hexagon form," he says. "In my mind I have the hexagon, and I just react on the wall or on the element of the wall. That's the base and beginning of every painting I make."


The colorful murals distort the way the viewer understands architecture and the buildings' structure.

"The most exciting element is that every canvas of every wall is a different one, it's a different shape. The elements are also different."

There's a beauty about working outside, he says.


"I always say that I make public art — the fact that people can see it no matter who they are."

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The Gyllenhaal Experiment

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 1.29.26 PM

Just the thing to rescue you from finally doing what you're supposed to be doing.

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 1.28.37 PM

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Experts' Expert: Tim Page selects 10 "unparalleled" works of art


Robert Burton: "The Anatomy of Melancholy" (1621)

Ludwig van Beethoven: "Grosse Fuge" (1826)

Alessandro Moreschi: "The Last Castrato" (1902-1904)

D.W. Griffith: "Intolerance" (1916)

James Joyce: "Ulysses" (1922)

John Cage: "4'33"" (1952)

Alain Resnais: "Last Year at Marienbad" (1962)

Alvin Lucier: "I Am Sitting in a Room" (1970)

Thomas Pynchon: "Gravity's Rainbow" (1973)

Maya Lin: Vietnam Veterans Memorial (1982)


From Page's January 2, 2004 Washington Post story: "Most, in their sheer, flinty strangeness, have remained monoliths, as mysterious in their way as Stonehenge. If there is any tie that binds, it is their unrepeatability. It is impossible to imagine a sequel to any of them; they create new forms, live out their lives and then break their own molds."

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Four small things that will make your life easier/healthier/safer/less aggravating*


1) Approaching a set of hinged glass storefront doors, the one with the lock in it ALWAYS opens; the other one only sometimes. Impress your friends, I'll never reveal your secret.

2) Make sure the plastic flap on your shopping cart is UP. Why? Think about who uses it when deployed in the horizontal position... and what it's up against. Gross!

3) Never put stuff in the bottom rack of a shopping cart unless you simply can't pile the top part any higher: not only does it take extra effort to put stuff down below, but you'll also have to put out a lot of energy lifting it all up again onto the checker's conveyor belt. Work smart not hard.

4) When you put your phone in your pocket, make sure the screen faces your body —far less chance of impact damage.

*Some will do more than one

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Concrete Shadow Wrist Watch


From the website:



The 4D Concrete Watch Shadow Edition features a dark monochrome palette that further refines the spiral staircase dial, blending black and dark gray hues.


The concrete dial comes with black hands which match the black PVD*-coated bezel.


Features and Details:

• Water-resistant

• Sapphire glass lens

• 42mm Ø x 14.5mmD

• Miyota GL36 movement

• High-density concrete case

• Italian-made vegetable-tanned leather strap**



$380 (time included).

*Physical vapor deposition

**That beautifully done right-angled watch strap hole made me swoon with delight

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