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February 25, 2019

3D Hexagon Murals Transform Buildings


Above and below, exemplars.

From the Guardian:



The Dutch artist David Louf, who goes by Mr June, is the person behind these striking 3D hexagon murals, which have appeared on walls from Berlin to the Bronx.

Louf grew up in Amsterdam immersed in hip-hop and graffiti, and turned to graphic design as an adult.

Eight years ago he moved back to street art and now combines his skills to create vibrant, abstract murals on buildings across the world.


The walls are Louf's canvasses, and he plays off different structures and shapes on the buildings.

His only restriction is his fascination with hexagons.

"My walls are more the playground version of that study of the hexagon form," he says. "In my mind I have the hexagon, and I just react on the wall or on the element of the wall. That's the base and beginning of every painting I make."


The colorful murals distort the way the viewer understands architecture and the buildings' structure.

"The most exciting element is that every canvas of every wall is a different one, it's a different shape. The elements are also different."

There's a beauty about working outside, he says.


"I always say that I make public art — the fact that people can see it no matter who they are."

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Now! Turn any house into The Pompidou Centre!

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