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February 25, 2019

Four small things that will make your life easier/healthier/safer/less aggravating*


1) Approaching a set of hinged glass storefront doors, the one with the lock in it ALWAYS opens; the other one only sometimes. Impress your friends, I'll never reveal your secret.

2) Make sure the plastic flap on your shopping cart is UP. Why? Think about who uses it when deployed in the horizontal position... and what it's up against. Gross!

3) Never put stuff in the bottom rack of a shopping cart unless you simply can't pile the top part any higher: not only does it take extra effort to put stuff down below, but you'll also have to put out a lot of energy lifting it all up again onto the checker's conveyor belt. Work smart not hard.

4) When you put your phone in your pocket, make sure the screen faces your body —far less chance of impact damage.

*Some will do more than one

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