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February 15, 2019

I feel your pain*


Constant readers may have noticed that over the past six months or so, the frequency of broken picture links (above) on boj has increased to the point that it's a pretty much daily occurrence.

This is the result of a FAIL in the software/code of TypePad, my blog host, though they refuse to come out and say this but instead attribute it to my stubbornness in refusing to alter some template they say is the root problem.

Since I have no idea what a template is nor have I ever made any alterations to the backroom setup I've been using since I joined TypePad in 2004, 

1) I refuse to buy in to this explanation, and 

2) I am loath to alter anything behind the scenes because, as I have learned from many, many years in the OR: it can always get worse.

Sure, my blog's broken, but it's still mostly functional.

Know this: I am diligently looking for a better place for bookofjoe.

I've been increasingly active on Twitter and now have over 300 videos on my YouTube channel but neither has proved to be the solution.

Nor did Google Glass, though I had high hopes for it when I got mine in 2013.

Perhaps Apple's upcoming AR/VR worlds will provide a better home.

Stay tuned.

*It doesn't even approach mine, trust me on this

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I pop in every day and have for the last year or so. It might interest you to know that I have never come across a broken image link at boj.

Perhaps the problem might be browser related? I use chrome on a tablet or phone exclusively.

Posted by: Rick Schrager | Feb 16, 2019 11:01:55 AM

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