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February 16, 2019

Parking in surface lots: 5 tips

1) Park far away from stores*: easier/faster to both park and — more importantly — leave

2) Head into a spot whenever possible so you can later head out: the less reversing, the safer/better (parking far away as in [1] makes it much more likely you'll find a suitable head-in/head-out spot)

3) Use your hazard lights (flashers) when exiting your parking spot — especially if you're parked next to SUVs which block your view of perpendicular traffic

4) When you leave your spot, go dead slow — give yourself a chance to recover from some idiotstick speeding across your exit path

5) Park next to a handicapped spot when possible, preferably such that your driver's door abuts it — much easier to access your car, especially if you've got a lot of stuff to load

*Bonus: get some exercise, it's good for you

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#6 - if you live in a very windy area, park facing into the wind to reduce door-dings. Many of these result from the wind catching the door and abruptly pulling it open rather than an inconsiderate person slamming your shiny sled.

Posted by: scott | Feb 17, 2019 12:02:20 PM

I thought I invented number three. A parking lot I use daily is full of cars at certain spots with their back up lights on, doing nothing for several minutes before pulling out. Flashers indicate I am not one of those idiots but a completely different idiot and on-the-move.

Posted by: PT | Feb 16, 2019 12:57:02 PM

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