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March 1, 2019


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Perhaps you'll have better luck.

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Delay Scarf — my favorite thing so far this year


Wrote the Charlottesville Daily Progress:


European rail service is frequently touted as a model to be emulated, but Germany's Deutsche Bahn apparently isn't quite yet on board with that concept.

It's the country’s biggest rail company — and it has a poor record for punctuality: More than 25% of its long-distance trains failed to arrive on time last year.

What do you do while you’re waiting for your train? Read a book? Text your friends? Twiddle your thumbs?

Sara Weber decided to knit a scarf.

The commuter commenced a scarf of many colors (above), with each color accounting for time she spent waiting for her train.

The scarf project became famous on social media, and even caught the attention of Deutsche Bahn.

The company purchased the scarf at an online auction for 7,550 euros ($8,600).

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Alfred E. Neuman's grandfather, discovered at long last

Alfred E. Neuman's dad 1908

"Nearly 50 years before this familiar face first graced the cover of MAD Magazine, the iconic image of the character that would become known as Alfred E. Neuman was used to sell patent-medicine pain relievers. This illustration is the front of a 1908 calendar issued by the Antikamnia ('Opposed to Pain') Chemical Company in St. Louis and London. Producers of patent medicines issued calendars and wallet-sized 'trade cards' to promote their products. Antikamnia tablets


were marketed as a 'positive relief for all nervousness, pain and sleeplessness due to excesses of any kind.'"

The Antikamnia Chemical Company was prosecuted in 1914 for failing to disclose the source of their tablets' active ingredient on their packaging.

You could look it up.

[via the Fall 2010 issue of UCLA Medicine]

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Leave Me Alone — "Take back control of your inbox"

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"See all of your subscription emails in one place and unsubscribe from them with a single click."

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Your own personal cloud


Who needs iCloud and its ilk when you can have your very own cloud, sitting right next to you?

From the Wall Street Journal:


Most of the things we need storage for today have no physical form.

Gone are the days of DVD collections and heavily burdened bookshelves.

Now, digital media is king, but for the film buff, audiophile or photo-enthusiast, storage can be a costly, cumbersome, and deeply insecure process.

Thankfully, there's the My Cloud EX4100 from Western Digital.

Providing your own personal cloud — yes, you can eschew third-party services like Apple or Amazon — My Cloud offers owners an expansive place in the ether to access all their movies, music, photos, documents, and more, whenever they want and from wherever they want.

My Cloud is compatible with a near-endless array of third-party services allowing the device to automatically back up your files, wherever they are, without you having to think about it, and its built-in Plex Media Server offers easy — and user-friendly — access to your entertainment, on demand.

But the best part of the My Cloud is its robust data protection.

Not only can the My Cloud keep your content encrypted from prying eyes, its multiple RAID and backup options will keep you safe from catastrophic file loss.


My Cloud EX4100 is available in 0 to 32TB configurations, ranging from $349.99 to $1,449.99.

Hey, wait a sec — what's that music I'm hearing?

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