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March 2, 2019


And to think that all these years I thought it was "Good is the enemy of (rather than to) great."

What say you?

[via the New York Times — GO BRUINS!]

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Experts' Expert: Dame Barbara Hepworth on how to look at a sculpture

The great British sculptor (1903 –1975), interviewed in 1972.

Wrote Richard Holledge in a 2011 Wall Street Journal story about the opening of Hepworth Wakefield, a museum devoted to her work:

Such is the clarity of the layout and the juxtaposition of her work with fellow contemporaries that it is possible to follow her development from early endeavors in wood and stone, the influence of the Arts and Crafts movement, to the inspiration of two expatriate modernists, the American Jacob Epstein and the Frenchman Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, and finally her move into a more pristine abstraction.

The minutiae of her working day from pictures, newspaper cuttings, and even her tools contrasts with the monumental prototype of one of her best-known sculptures, the aluminium, 19-foot "Winged Figure" (1963), commissioned for London's John Lewis department store. There are versions in wood and bronze of "Chun Quoit," the inspiration for the "Single Form" that was unveiled outside the United Nations building in New York in 1964.

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Erik Satie — by Kay Ryan

Only that which does
not teach, does not
cry out, does not
persuade, does not
condescend, does not
explain, is 
must we love your 
music du meuble. Yes
your longueurs are
loungeable, your soissouirs
rearrangeable to suit
a walk–up flat or suite,
your coeur screws into
any lamp, your small fits
enliven long halls
or brighten stairwells, your
songs go anywhere a chair will.
Your passions in the whimsical 
colors of cushions please cats
and Persians. Your endless
sadness unrolls before the 
tread of Duke or Princess.
From the least distance 
your motifs refresh a place,
knots you gave your eyes to
are a saraband of lace.

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"Tidelands" — How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?

Watch and you'll find out the answer.

Eight-part Netflix series that's weird and wonderful, in pretty much equal measures.

Recommended, but watch out for some very grisly scenes.

Fair warning.

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"The dog ate my homework" — Proof



From the website:


Great joke to play on your teacher for "Show and Tell"!

Bring the proof and share it with the class: "The dog ate my homework — and here's the proof!"

Disgusting mess proves just how creative you really are.

Dog Ate My Homework Proof is a realistic combination of scraps of paper and fake dog doo.

You'll certainly get an A for effort!




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