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March 11, 2019

Himalaya: Everest Time-Lapse Film

There goes a day on the roof of the world.

3,408 still images stitched together to portray a single day at Mt. Everest in 2:34. 

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The Privileges — Jonathan Dee


A beautifully written 2010 novel about life as a member of the 1%, told for the rest of us.

A paragraph:

Time advanced in two ways at once: while the passage of years was profligate and mysterious, flattening their own youth from behind as insensibly as some great flaming wheel, still somehow those years were composed of days that could seem endless in themselves, that dripped capriciously like some torment of the damned.

If you don't mind finding out what happens, this New York Times review is your ticket.

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Final notice from the IRS


My kind of humor.

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bookofjoeTV x Periscope: "Invite guests to join you live!"

Periscope Guests

What was I thinking? 

I got all excited when I read recently

Periscope how-to

that while livestreaming on Periscope/Twitter, "any viewer you choose can become a guest broadcaster. They'll be heard by everyone, and you can host up to three at a time."

bookofjoeTV, which I've gone on about for 15 years, always "real soon now," has arrived.

True, it's a bit under the radar, what with my Twitter/Periscope livestreams, happening perhaps 3-4 times/week and as a rule featuring my sublime goddess-Cat sleeping on her cozy warm chair just above the best heating vent in my house (it's the one closest to the heating source and thus brings maximum BTUs to the party), currently attracting 1-2 viewers on average — but look at the upside!

And I don't know why I initially was all worked up in anticipation of having viewers joining my live broadcasts, because it dawned on me today that doing so would bring an end to the utter peace and quiet Gray Cat and I enjoy during our livestreams, when viewers can type comments onto the screen but no sound accompanies those.

Besides which, once someone's right up there in my grille and onscreen and talking and whatnot, I've gotta pay attention, which is not the case when viewer input is limited to silent "Say something" commentary at the bottom of the broadcast screen.

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The Joy of Casio


I happened




this page


which features


hundreds of Casio watches,


in all their glory.


How does the company even keep track?

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