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March 22, 2019

Reading in bed is defunct

IMG_0027 2

Long story short: it now takes me months a finish the book I'm reading in bed.

This is because Gray Cat has amped up the intensity of her Sleep Induction Field©® to where I no longer even bother to clean the lenses of my reading-in-bed glasses 'cause what's the point if I can't even finish a page before the book drops from my hand?

Her power derives from a multi-sensorial assault on my waking brain, consisting of:

1) chinchilla-soft fur pressed against my chest and upper arm as I lie on my left side

2) the warmth and compact heft of her petite but powerful 6.25-pound body

3) omnipresent purring on both inhalation and exhalation, which only ceases when she's asleep

4) her smell, just indescribable but addictive to the point that I like to bend my head down and bury my nose in her fur for the few seconds of consciousness that elapse before I fall asleep

Since I was a small boy, reading in bed has been my favorite thing, but I'm OK with this new world order.

Call me smitten.

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Jerry Lewis gives a typing lesson

Back in the day, I was mad about Jerry Lewis and his movies.

I'm talking when I was a boy in the 50s and 60s.

I saw all his movies more than once, some many times: they hit some wonderful sweet spot.

Even now I can do that crazy walk he'd break into for no apparent reason: it cracks people up even though they have no idea I'm imitating him.


The segment up top is from "Who's Minding The Store?," which came out in 1963.

Even though he's pretty much forgotten in the U.S., in France he's considered a great artist on par with Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.

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What is it?

Fooled u

Answer here this time tomorrow.

Hint: bigger than a bread box.

Another: located in the U.S.

A third: wood.

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Hardshell Backpack

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 10.54.29 AM copy

From the website:


Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 10.54.29 AM

This lightweight, strong, and durable hardshell offers maximum protection along with carrying comfort.

Lined with durable EPDM foam, it features straps for your laptop and/or tablet to protect against scratches and shocks.

Fits laptops up to 15.6" and has two clever compartments for easy access to smartphones and small items. 

Smart locks — made from the same strong polypropylene as the rest of the backpack — secure your possessions with an audible "snap."

White or grey body with your choice of blue, red, green, white, or black straps.

Made in the Netherlands.



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