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March 8, 2019

@ComcastCares fo shizzle


Last week I finally got annoyed enough about Comcast's daily internet FAILs x two weeks to hit up their Twitter account @ComcastCares.

They got back to me via DM quickly and we went back and forth about my outage: the person or AI dealing with me noted that indeed there had been sporadic outages at my house, and offered to send a tech at my convenience the next day.

Done and done.

Amazing how much better — an order of magnitude underestimates the difference — handling Comcast problems via Twitter is than the old-fashioned way, which as a rule consists of:

1) Locating the 800 number and calling

2) Being put on hold with an estimated wait time of 30 minutes

3) Listening to taped announcements repeated ad infinitum or horrible music for the duration

4) Having a person finally take my call: they ask me a million questions just to prove who I am — often in English so fractured and strongly accented I can barely understand it — then ask me how they can help

5) More often than not, that results in being placed on hold again while they transfer my call

6) Again identifying myself even though I just did it, then telling the second person — whose English is always much better — what my problem is

7) Being placed on hold again while they look up my account again

8) Being asked what's on my TV screen and whatnot, then having them try a bunch of resets and the like

9) Finally, being told that a tech needs to come my house and check my box/line


Lagniappe when you go the Twitter route: the rep DMs me after the tech support guy's visit to see if the problem's been fixed.

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Sounds a lot like spectrum... My internet has been good, but I keep losing channels on my cable-card Tivo. It has led to at least 5 visits and some pole repair. It seems better for now, until the next time!

Posted by: Greg | Mar 8, 2019 12:16:26 PM

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