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March 12, 2019

Margaret Atwood's Bunny


From the New York Times: "The writer Sabra Embury has spent a decade collecting 10-second drawings of rabbits from some of the most esteemed names in literature."

She wrote:



I started this 10-second rabbit project a little over a decade ago as a way of channeling the artistic curiosity of the inspiring people around me.


At parties I'd collect unsigned loose-leaf doodles from people around a room, and then we'd guess who drew each based on our assumptions about one another.

Like handwriting analysis, but with bunnies.


Why bunnies?

Because they're tough to mistake for any other creature, thanks to the exaggerated stretch of their ears.


They're fun to draw even for people who possess no art skills at all. (Plus, imagine asking Jonathan Lethem to draw a chicken.)

I later began asking authors at readings to sign their books with a rabbit, scrawled in 10 seconds or less.


The time limit gave the whimsical scheme structure, and it also put participants at ease; I wasn't asking for serious art.


Still, they'd often protest, "I can't draw!" before inevitably conceding, and eventually admitting they enjoyed the break from routinely asking to whom they should inscribe the book.

Margaret Atwood, for one, embraced my request with a glow: "This is great!" she said, adding a carrot.


Others (I've amassed 70 of these over the years), both reluctant and charmed, would sigh a "here goes” as I counted to 10.


From the top down, rabbits drawn by Nicholson Baker, Judy Blume, Bret Easton Ellis, David Lynch, Joy Williams, Jonathan Lethem, Gary Shteyngart, and Margaret Atwood. 

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