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April 23, 2019

6 small things to make life easier/better


1) Rinse off that jar of pickles after you're done with it, before you put it in the fridge. Beats opening the door and being greeted by garlic from the otherwise inevitable pickle juice under the bottom of the jar.

2) On the ends of boxes of aluminum foil, Glad Wrap, Saran Wrap, and their ilk are precuts that say "Push In." When you do, the tabs lock the roll in place. Makes the rolls much easier to use, yet it took me 70 years to twig.

3) Use an ordinary dinner fork's tines to loosen knots. The long metal tine with a rounded point won't cut fabric but will winkle its way into the tiniest of openings and then widen it as you advance it.

4) Think W.C. as in the U.K. "water closet" when you're not sure whether to add detergent to the water before or after you put your clothes in the washing machine. I made this mnemonic up when I was in college and it hasn't yet failed me:

W.C. = W(D)C = Water then Detergent then Clothes

5) Use small self-adhesive colored dots to mark USB cables such that the dot side is up when you insert it correctly. Instead of being wrong and annoyed half the time, with no extra effort you'll be right 100% of the time. Cheap at twice the price, what?

6) Approaching a store's matching glass main doors from the outside, as you prepare to enter you will note one of them has a lock mechanism in it: that one always opens, while the other may or may not. Again, it's fun to be right every time.

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