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April 25, 2019

Old ways are the best ways — Or, the joy of NOT connecting my new smart TV to the internet


The time had come after ten or so years of faithful service: the picture on my circa 2008 Sony "dumb" TV — incapable of connecting to the internet — was looking increasingly sad compared to my (still-incomparable) 2007 Pioneer Kuro Elite plasma and the gorgeous True Tone display on my iPhone.

I charged my Crack Research Team©® with finding me the best 32" TV in terms of picture quality, price, and reliability.

Their choice: the Samsung UN32N5300FXZA 1080p Smart LED TV.

It arrived, and the first thing that struck me was how light it felt: the Sony must weigh at least 30 pounds and this one seemed way lighter.

I looked it up: it weighs 9.5 pounds.

I put off setting it up for a couple weeks because I just knew it would be a huge headache.

Finally, I bit the bullet and plugged it in and and turned it on.

Then a near-miracle happened: even with my TechnoDolt©® skill set, I was able to set it up as I'd hoped to: without connecting it to the internet.

This will be my treadmill TV: all I want is for it to show sports while I walk or run.

No need for apps or "Smart" features.

The simpler the better from my point of view.

The less there is that can go wrong, the less there is that will go wrong.

I was doubtful that Samsung would let me set up the TV in "dumb" mode but after persisting in not doing what the on-screen set up guide said I should do to take advantage of all the built-in features that would be unlocked once I connected to my WiFi, the set-up went lickity split — and before you know it I was watching PTI.

Took less than five minutes from plugging it in to watching.

Nice picture.

You can too!

It costs $254.99.

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I too was a plasma guy, but never had a Kuro. I have the LG B7 Oled (2017) and can say that it is the best picture I've ever had, much better than the LG Plasma it replaced. They keep getting cheaper, you can probably buy 3 B9 55" for what the Kuro cost.

That being said, the software is not as bad as the past but it is definitely spying on you and your network. That's the new revenue stream for TV manufacturers. Roku is doing the same thing and is being pretty open about it. My new 40" Vizio is too, 4k hdr for $239, how else can they make money?

There's something to be said for Apple and their focus on privacy.

Posted by: Greg | Apr 28, 2019 8:25:58 AM

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