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April 14, 2019

Solar-Powered Robotic Goldfish — "Relaxing fish toy"

"Replicants are like any other machine. They're either a benefit or a hazard."

From the website:


The Solar-Powered Robotic Goldfish conjures up a classical Japanese image of a vividly colored goldfish, like something out of a Mika Ninagawa photograph or Edo-era ukiyo-e woodblock print.


Available in two versions, the goldfish will swim gently around the compact tank, providing a soothing and cute addition to your home without the fuss of owning an actual pet.


There are two types of decorative patterns for the tank that offer you the experience of a mini art aquarium.


You can also place the "fish" in another container of your own choice, such as a cup, bowl, or vase.


Features and Details:

• Plain or Striped fish

• Batteries not required

• Includes one (1) fish tank

• Recommended for ages 15 and above*

• Instructions: Japanese (but easy to understand**)

• Two (2) different decorative sheets (for under fish tank) included




*Is there something they're not telling us? 'Cause I think any seven- or eight-year-old kid could probably manage this "pet."

** I've always wondered what "easy to understand" means in this company's parlance. Is there an instruction sheet or manual? Are there photos? Line drawings? Or is the device itself self-explanatory? Flautist? Clifyt? Anyone?

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