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May 12, 2019

Before the iPod: Highway Hi-Fi — Music on the road in 1956


Steve Jobs was still in diapers in 1956 when Chrysler came out with the optional Highway Hi-Fi player (above), offering music of your choice on the road.

Excerpts from Jim Koscs's June 8, 2012 New York Times story about the history of in-car entertainment follow.

Automakers realized that the holy grail of in-car entertainment would be the ability for drivers to play their own music collections on the road. In 1956, Chrysler tried to accommodate them with an in-car record player it called Highway Hi-Fi.

Developed by a research scientist from the laboratories of CBS, Highway Hi-Fi used a new ultra-microgroove format that provided 45 minutes of playing time per side from its small 16-2/3 r.p.m. record discs. Though Chrysler claimed skip-free performance, owners had mixed results.

A limited selection of music recordings, along with the contraption's proprietary format that would not play on home equipment, doomed Highway Hi-Fi to failure.

For 1960, Chrysler replaced it with a new accessory record player, made by RCA Victor, that played up to a dozen standard 45 r.p.m. records. Working better in a parked car than a moving one, it was dropped by Chrysler after 1961.

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Full Page Screen Capture

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 12.48.23 PM

Every now and then an app or extension takes Hacker News by storm.

The last one I liked a lot was Outline, but that's since been deleted by Google.

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 12.48.31 PM

Now comes Full Page Screen Capture, which lets you "capture a screenshot of your current page in its entirety — without requesting any extra permissions!"

I have no idea what permissions mean in this context, since I've always just used Shift-Command-3 on my Mac to take a screenshot.

But evidently there's much more to it.

Anyhoo, it's free — the way we like it.

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"Invincible and Legendary" (Непобедимые и легендарные)

This video features highlights of the International Forum: Engineering Technologies Russia 2012 show.

It comes via reader Alan Fick who added, "Note the jets, space shuttle, and horses in the background."

Wrote one commenter, "What's impressive is that this coordination is made fully 'buttoned-down.' Neither the drivers' nor commanders' heads are out of their respective hatches. Operating buttoned-down loses much situational awareness but is a modern necessity in urban environments where threats (snipers) can be anywhere, so a modern MBT is buttoned up most of the time. So, either very well-drilled teams, very good electro-optics, or both."

In reply: "The tank's drivers are regular soldiers, who serve in the army about one year."

Regarding the space shuttle in the background, parked between jets and horses: "Yes, Buran 2.01 aka Baikal. It's third flying prototype, was ready 30%-50% when the Buran program was closed."

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Life as a pie chart: When I find what I am looking for


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Michael Graves Pencil Set


From the website:

A beautiful set of 24 coloured pencils from the firm of architect Michael Graves in his rich and sophisticated palette.

The pencils are presented in a textured box with a glossy die-cut sleeve revealing the colours beneath, reminiscent of Graves's designs of windows in a grid.

Includes an insert with a short essay by Graves on the use of colour in the design process. 

A minimal and elegant gift for any architect or designer.

Box measures 7.5" x  x 7.1" x  0.6".

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 7.45.40 AM


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