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May 16, 2019

Japanese Name Seals

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Unpaywall Chrome Extension

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From Unpaywall:

Legally get full text of scholarly articles as you browse.

When you view a research article, Unpaywall automatically looks for a copy in our index of 20 million free, legal, full text PDFs.

If we find one, click the green tab to read the article.

Unpaywall points you to legal, author-posted manuscripts that are hosted on university and government web servers.

We are pointing to versions that have been posted with the full and explicit authorization of the publishers themselves.

These free, author-posted manuscripts are often called "Green Open Access" and are a longstanding and completely legal part of the scholarly communications ecosystem.

The majority of scholarly journals permit authors to "self-archive" their papers on university and government web servers.

It's these legally self-archived papers that Unpaywall helps users find.

Any papers posted outside of publisher permissions are NOT included in our index.

Free, the way we like it.

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Louis Vuitton bag with flexible OLED screens

Turns out you can take it with you.

From Engadget

The luxury brand has introduced a set of handbags that feature built-in flexible displays, which Louis Vuitton tells Engadget are AMOLED and have a 1,920 x 1,440 resolution.

There were two prototype handbags shown off during LV's Cruise 2020 runway show in New York City last week: One with a single screen and another with two, and both displayed videos of random city views and what appeared to be a demo of an internet browser.

Louis Vuitton says these are "the basis for reconsidering the digital Canvas of the Future," adding that it is "always in search of the fusion of savoir-faire and innovation."

The handbags were produced using screens provided by Royole.

There's no word on whether these high fashion-meets-emerging tech handbags will ever make it past their prototype stage.

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U.S. State Department Travel Advisory Risk Map

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Bon voyage.

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Rainbow Hex Wrench Set


So what if you don't know a hex wrench from a vexed wench.

Just use them as paperweights and one day somebody will be glad you've got them.


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