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May 24, 2019

Barrenderos (Sweepers) — Francis Alÿs

A 2004 piece by the Mexico City-based artist in which a line of street sweepers push garbage through the streets of Mexico City until they are stopped by the mass of trash.

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Experts' Experts: Which type of mechanical keyboard switch is right for you?

From Wired:

Mechanical keyboards are defined by their switches, and there are dozens of different kinds out there.

They all feel a little different, and it's tough to know which kind is right for you.

Manufacturers like Logitech and Razer use their own proprietary switches, further complicating things.

But no matter who makes them, switches typically come in one of three varieties:


• Clicky switches typically have very little resistance mid-stroke, followed by a sharp click as you press the key all the way down

• Tactile switches behave similarly but have a less pronounced click after that mid-stroke resistance

• Linear switches feel smooth, quick, and sensitive — like hair triggers

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The ugliest skyscrapers in the world


[Located in Panama City, Panama and reaching a height of nearly 800 feet, the F&F Tower was completed in 2011. Designed by the Panama City-based firm Pinzón Lozano & Asociados, the spiraling structure, made of glass and reinforced concrete, is a bold attempt at modern architecture, but one that missed the mark.]

Architectural Digest picked the 31 worst.


[Hypo-Haus, which is HypoVereinsbank's headquarters in Munich, may be the home of Germany's fifth-largest financial institution, but the banking firm missed the mark in designing the structure that houses thousands of its employees.]

Above and below,


[Standing some 610 feet tall and located in Brazzaville, Congo, the Nabemba Tower is the tallest building in the country. The massive structure is aptly named after the tallest mountain in the country, Mont Nabemba (3,346 ft. elevation).]

three of the winners (losers?), with accompanying captions from AD.

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Earthquakes in the U.S. since 2008


[via the Washington Post]

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Color Wheel Rug


From the website:

Based on artist Max Bill's 1970 "Color Wheel," bright colors are interspersed on a grayish-white base.

Features and Details:

• Small: 63"Ø; Medium: 71"Ø; Large: 79"

• Each piece hand made in Japan

• Pile length: 0.6"

• 100% Acrylic

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 5.26.11 PM


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