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May 2, 2019

Don't talk to the police

May 2, 2019 at 04:01 PM | Permalink


David, your closing observation is spot-on.

I spent 50 years coming up with various reasons why I shouldn't be chosen, in response to periodic summons for jury duty in both California and — most recently last year — here in Virginia.

As I read the form with its list of automatic disqualifiers before writing one in, I happened on the optional exemption for those 70 and over — YES!

You say, "joe, what kind of citizen are you, shucking and jiving and doing the legal rope-a-dope to avoid jury duty?"

I reply, "The kind who abhors the thought of two weeks of mostly boredom, doing something I'd rather not be doing. I call that work — and I'm done wit dat."

Posted by: bookofjoe | May 15, 2019 1:06:20 PM

Agreed. Just went to a hearing yesterday where someone I know pled guilty to two crimes they did not commit (and had to lie to the judge when asked if they understood their guilt). They had gone to the police and filed a claim that they were being defrauded. Detective couldn't follow the fraud so they charged the filer to close the case.

I would add that not only do cops just want to close the case, but defense attorneys informed me that prosecutors just want a guilty result: if they can get 1 guilty they are happy, and they will amend your case with additional charges if they think they are going towards zero.

Also, you are innocent until proven guilty only works if you are willing to go to court and you understand that the peers on your jury are likely to be people who can't get out of jury duty.

Posted by: David Tufte | May 15, 2019 12:52:19 PM

"People are stupid."

Did you get that? That is the cop's opinion of 'people'; that is to say, suspects.

Who is a suspect?

If you are not a cop, you are. Cops divide the world into cops and criminals. If you ain't a cop, what are you?

Remember: It is not a cop's job to seek justice. It is a cop's job to close a case.

Never talk to a cop. It cannot help you. Had Martha Stewart kept her mouth shut and never talked, she would not have gone to prison. Don't be like Martha Stewart.

Posted by: antares | May 3, 2019 7:07:17 PM

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