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May 14, 2019

Have I seen this before?

From time to time I'll watch a series on Netflix or Amazon and have a vague sense that I've already watched it — but I can't remember what comes next.

So I keep watching and scenes and themes play out so familiarly that now I'm almost sure I've already watched it — but if that's the case, how come I haven't the faintest idea what comes next?

The thing is, I rarely watch a movie or tv show/series a second time, nor do I read books again.

Yet here I am, all ready for/looking forward to episodes 12 & 13 of Season 3 of "Colony," having enjoyed the first 11, while still feeling like I already saw them when the season appeared in 2016.

While noodling around YouTube for the trailer up top, I saw that there won't be a Season 4. 

Too bad, I like these strong characters and the unexpected twists and turns of the story.

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