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May 17, 2019

Notes on the Apple Watch

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 1.43.57 PM

After years of watching... the scene, I took the plunge a couple weeks ago and bought the Series 3 (above and below), on sale for $199.

With the latest Series 4 iteration starting at $384, $199 seemed as good a price as I'll ever get.

I bought the watch for one reason: to ditch the sweat-soaked terry wristband with its embedded plastic holder securing my long-time music player, the iPod nano, now discontinued.

The tipping point came during a race a couple months ago when a light rain bricked the nano. 

Though I was able to dry it out enough afterward to get it working again, it froze again soon afterward and I decided enough was enough.

The watch is water-resistant to 50 meters and specifically stated to be rain- and sweat-safe.

I must say it took a couple hours to figure out how to move the music I wanted from my iTunes library on my Mac to the watch, but I finally did succeed.

I then turned to the rest of what the watch can do, and have had a great time learning its capabilities.

Things I really like besides the music player:

• Talking to Siri to set and stop alarms

• The heart rate function

• Dark Sky weather app (no cost since I already have it on iPhone)

• The 99-cent altimeter app I bought

• The alarm sounds and vibrations

Considering the nano cost $150, the watch seems quite reasonably priced.

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 1.44.02 PM

It's wonderfully comfortable and easy to use, a beautiful exemplar of world-class industrial design.

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I've been using substandard watches since my Pebble round died. I think the Apple watch is far ahead of the competition as a health tracker, as a watch it isn't great since it doesn't display the time like my Pebble did. My current Fitbit doesn't either and is a terrible sleep tracker. Enjoy the watch!

I'm considering switching to iPhone and the Apple watch, especially if they get the display always on in Series 5.

On the headphone front I got the Trekz Aftershokz Air bone conducting headphones, they don't actually go in your ears. I haven't tried them in a heavy sweat, but they're great for podcasts and my old ears aren't covered. I do a fair amount of biking and can hear the world better.

Posted by: Greg | May 19, 2019 9:03:28 AM

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