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May 13, 2019

Turn your toilet paper into a Ferrari


Whoa, joe, are you in Denver?

'Cause that headline sounds like someone spiked your coffee with a magic mushroom.

But I digress.

It occurred to me a moment ago, as I massaged a fresh roll of toilet paper so as to get its cardboard hub as circular as possible to enable smooth unrolling, that there had to be a better way.

I invoked the great Edwin H. Land's useful epigram, to wit: "Solve the problem with what's in the room."

Bingo: the childproof top of my pill container (full disclosure: Paxil 40mg tabs) fit snugly inside the hub (above). 

I pushed the container back and forth a couple times and got the hub as close to perfectly round as possible: now my toilet paper unrolls like I was pranking someone's front yard back in high school.

You can too!

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I took several empty cardboard tubes and split them, built up a spacer just a hair larger than the holder spindle and a hair smaller than the toilet paper tube. Wrapped it with tape and can reuse indefinitely. Works like a champ but I suppose I might have to make adjustments if I change brands, as I don't know how uniform the tubes are from brand to brand

Posted by: xoxoxoBruce | May 14, 2019 7:03:13 PM

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