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June 29, 2019

Follow the Yellow Brick Road


Yellow Brick Road in an abandoned Wizard of Oz theme park in North Carolina.

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Materials Data Bank — 3D Atomic Views of Real Materials

"Search by MDB ID, name of the structure, or atomic species."

Fair warning: there goes materiality.

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Be your own dentist — it's fun, and a whole lot more convenient and cheaper


For some weeks now I've been increasingly bothered by a lower left front incisor that's gotten a little chipped and uneven, such that occasionally it snags the inside of my lower lip: it hurts!

I said to myself, just remember to mention it to my dentist when I go for my regular cleaning next month, and he can grind it down and polish it.

Then I snagged my lip a couple more times and about an hour ago, I looked in the mirror and sure enough, it's bruised where it keeps getting caught.

I invoked Edwin H. Land's classic dictum: "Solve the problem with what's in the room."

There's a cardboard nail file on the counter not five feet away so off I went to the bathroom to perform my first dental procedure since removing my baby teeth back in the day.

I first used the rough side of the emery board to level and even off the top of the tooth, then used the fine surface on the obverse to smooth it out.

I estimate I removed about a millimeter of tooth substance: it didn't hurt a bit and it even looks better.

But here's the payoff: I solved the problem.

I just had some potato chips and a hot dog and it was like it was back in the old days.

You can too!

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Fastest wire bending in the world — unedited footage (2009)

[via Reality Carnival]

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Escape Plan Chocolate File


Hey, I coulda done a "What is it?" and as a hint said it was edible but I decided where's the fun in that?


From Scott Amron, another in his never ending series of inventions and creations that for one reason or another amuse me no end.


I wonder if anyone (but me) has bought anything I've featured from his skunkworks.


$15 (demonstrator, cake, and cupcake not included).

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