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June 30, 2019

A visual map of sunlight on Earth


You know those wonderful Geochron clocks (below),


one of which Reagan gave to Gorbachev at one of their summits?

They were invented in 1965 and they've always been expensive: currently, the entry level version (above) is $1,999,

though they've just introduced a $399 digital version (below)


you can connect to a 4k monitor or TV.

Now comes sunlight.live with a virtual iteration you can see anywhere on any device.

Lagniappe: free, the way we like it.

Tsilias Paschalis created it and here he tells how it happened.

I bet he'd sell a lot of apps if he priced it at $1.

Note to self: email him (paschalist0@gmail.com). 

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