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June 22, 2019

Apple Watch continues to impress

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After four years of saying "Who needs that?," I finally got one ($199 for a Series 3 on sale) last month, and after two months I'm liking it more every day.

My original purpose was to find a lighter, more compact, and easier-to-use-on-the-fly alternative to the sweaty-wristband-mounted iPod nano I've carried for listening to music while running for the last five or ten years.

The watch nailed it, after I figured out how to load just the songs I wanted.

Then the real fun started.


I began noodling around online to see what else the watch can do, and a whole universe of things opened up, including:

• the activity/fitness tracking function, which I thought dumb before I had it but now like a lot

• the myriad beautiful faces available, a couple of which are featured in this post

• Siri's surprising usefulness, accessible by just raising my wrist near my face

• the ease and elegance of setting and turning off alarms either verbally or mechanically

• the heart rate function, which is just plain fun, as I calm myself down and watch my rate drop into the 40s


Tons of other stuff as well.

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Some other things I do with the watch:

Using Audible I listen to audiobooks. The watch will sync to your bluetooth headphones and will sync your location with the iPhone to keep the two in sync.

Same with podcasts using Overcast.

I have the LTE version and since your contacts are synced to the watch you can take and receive calls. It uses the same phone number as your phone. The speaker is loud enough to use easily.

With all this there are many days when I don't carry my phone around at all.

Posted by: Paul K Biba | Jun 23, 2019 10:13:00 AM

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