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June 26, 2019

Reese's Dark: A variation too far


Yesterday, browsing Kroger's excellent candy section, I espied a bag of miniature Reese's Dark Chocolate Peanut Cups.

The flagship is candy perfection but I prefer dark to milk chocolate so I figured this new (to me) variation would be even better.

Not true: the sharper, less sweet notes of the dark chocolate don't work nearly as well as the sweet original.

Sometimes old ways are the best ways.

I've never been tempted to try any of the crazy varieties I see from time to time, like white chocolate or M&Ms mixed in with the peanut butter.

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Ew, I can't imagine dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

They've done something to the peanut butter over the years...it's not the same. It now has a weird polymerish, plasticky food-like taste and texture. The old stuff was more melty and heavenly. I remember being at the Fox Theater in Atlanta when I was a kid, polishing off a whole family-sized box of Reese's PBCs by myself while I watched "The Vikings." A more ridiculous movie has never been made but it had Kirk Douglas running the oars and Tony Curtis cavorting around in tiny leather shorts....and endless peanut butter cups, mmmmmm.🤤

Posted by: Flautist | Jun 26, 2019 1:51:13 PM

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