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July 10, 2019

bookofjoe's Favorite Thing: Splinter Tweezers


I featured these a couple years ago but since then have discovered applications other than removing splinters and thorns.

• Excellent for popping blisters — easier to control than a needle as well as allowing for precisely sized hole(s)

• Superb for maneuvering very small things in tight spaces, for example pill pieces in a pill splitter

• Useful for unknotting things like shoelaces and sweatpant/sweatshirt drawstrings

• Essential for electronics disassembly/repair (considering the name on the tool)

Up to 2017 I used Tweezerman's iteration, but they're rather expensive ($14.39).

I had my Crack Research Team®© drill down and see if they could find a cheaper alternative.


Exploring iFixit they unearthed the beauty pictured up top.

A snip at $4.99.

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