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July 19, 2019

"I already saw that" is NOT the way to respond when you get something via email

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 8.26.23 AM

At least, not to me.

No one I know sends even a small fraction of the amount of email with links likely to be of interest to their recipients as I do.

It's not even close.

When someone sends me something they think I might be interested in, my response is "Thank you" regardless of whether or not I've seen it.

When you act all full of yourself and email me back "I saw that" after getting something from me that I took the time and trouble to send you and only you — because I never cc or mass email stuff — it makes me think, "Why bother?"

I go out of my way for you: be polite instead of letting me know that you're way ahead of me.

When someone gives you a present you already have, you don't say "Too bad, I already have one."

Do you?

If so, you're a loser IMHO.

You should say "Thank you."

Why would you crush the spirit of someone who went out of their way for you?

It's not only thoughtless, it's mean-spirited.

"I already saw that" — the next time I happen on something I know you'd be interested in that I'm certain you wouldn't otherwise see, I'll simply move on: nothing to email you about here.

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I’m with Ron. “Thank you“ may be the proper response, but other responses sometimes seek to say: “We are on the same wavelength! How interesting.”

Posted by: Paul Tempke | Jul 22, 2019 12:16:33 PM

I’m with Ron on this. I may have done this before. Recently? I’m always excited when folks I know are on the same page and ‘I read that’ is amazing. It is an invitation to talk about what you thought or to give your opinion on how it affected you.

And sometimes the timing isn’t right.

Posted by: Clif | Jul 21, 2019 3:23:32 PM

I agree that "I saw that" is a very poor response. However I have the optimistic suspicion that may a fraction of people responding this way might mean it not as a rebuff or a "I'm way ahead of you" blowoff, but more in the "Yes, I also saw that and thought it was great! Can you believe someone did that?" sort of way. In the manner that two sports fans might respond to one another as they share news or videos witch each other. I don't know. Maybe being overly optimistic. Messages of just a few short words that lack any tone clues or hints at how they're intended to be read (emoticons, etc.) often leave a lot of room for negative interpretation, of course.

Posted by: Ron | Jul 20, 2019 1:38:23 AM

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