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July 31, 2019

Locals and Tourists: Where they take pictures

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From archdaily:

While visiting a city one has never been to before, it is common to go to touristic places, the "must-see" spots advertised in the media.


On the other hand, when establishing residency in a place, it is likely that one will start to attend some less popular locations, and will often spend a long time without passing by the city's most famous touristic sights.

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Artist Eric Fischer has developed a project that explores precisely the difference in perceiving — and photographing — a city from the point of view of tourists and locals.

The work, which is entitled Locals and Tourists, gathers the maps of 136 of the largest — and most visited — cities in the world.

From the top down: London; Santa Monica/West Los Angeles; New York City.

"Blue pictures are by locals; red pictures are by tourists; yellow pictures might be by either."

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