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September 5, 2019

Typhoon Class Russian Subs: Biggest on Earth


From The National Interest:


Dmitri Donskoi, the first Typhoon-class vessel and the largest submarine in the world, served for the past decade as an RSM-56 Bulava ballistic missile testbed. In 2018, it was announced that Donskoi will undergo a deep refit. 


The Typhoon is arguably the most feared and renowned submarine line ever constructed by Russia or its Soviet predecessor state, a household name from such classic films as the Hunt for Red October,


but also a genuinely potent centerpiece of the Soviet SLBM arsenal from 1981 onward.


Size: 574 feet long, nearly the length of two football fields placed end-to-end


Beam (width): 75 feet


Speed: 25mph surfaced; 31mph submerged


Endurance: 120+ days submerged


Test depth: 1,300 feet


Crew: 160 persons


Six Typhoons were constructed between 1976 and 1986, with the Russians having little interest in their cost: no one really knows what a Typhoon cost.


What is known is that the cost of the program,


with funds necessarily directed away from underpinning everyday life,


was a direct factor leading to the demise of the U.S.S.R.

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You're gonna need an ocean/Of calamine lotion

Up top, one of my favorite lines ever, from an all-time classic.

Sing along.

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Easy-peasy hairball management


After 12 years of practice and repetition, I have finally achieved mastery.

1) Prepare three (3) segments of paper towels

2) Put one (1) of them under hot water and get it nice and sloppy drippy wet

3) Move to the staging area

4) Get down on your hands and knees and wipe up the mess with one (1) of your two (2) dry paper towel segments

5) Apply your wet towels to the area and clean it of residue

6) Using your third (3rd) segment, wipe dry

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Once upon a time in the West: California Express — "Gold Dust 4-1/2%, on sums over $1,000"


Long before there was Federal Express, companies like Office Berford & Co.'s California Express (1849-1855) were happy to deliver your packages across the country.

Messengers leave New-York and San Francisco by every steamer, with letters, parcels, and packages.

Freight, 40 cents per lb.; Gold Dust, 4-1/2 per cent, on sums over $1000; 5 per cent, on sums under $1000. 

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Tactical Scent Stick


It occurred to me the other day that "tactical" when it refers to a device is a euphemism/synonym for "weaponized."

From the device's website:

APF-T Air Freshener/Glass Breaker


APF-T is made of aero grade aluminum alloy with a hard anodization finish.

In normal use, it is a car air freshener/scent stick: add the fragrance you like.

In emergency use, it can break glass or fight back against an attacker with its tungsten steel tip.


Features and Details:


• Magnetic connection to car air vent positioner

• Positioner doubles as stand

• Stainless steel clip

• 4.07"L x 0.55"Ø

• Weight: 1.09 oz



• 2 x O-rings

• 1 x Scent bar

• 1 x APF-T Air Freshener

• 2 x Refillable cotton bars


• Gray or Gold: $19.44.

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