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October 21, 2019

Japanese Condiment Highlighter Pens


From the website:

Wasabi (the green paste we all know from sushi), shoga (ginger), and umeboshi (dried plum) are three of the most common flavors in Japanese cooking.

So much so that you won't find a refrigerator in Japan that doesn't contain mini tubes of pastes of them.

Geodesign had some fun playing with this household icon by making the Japanese Condiment Highlighter Pens, which borrow the immediately recognizable look of these tubes to create a very original writing instrument.


The Japanese Condiment Highlighter Pens come in three colors (fluorescent green, yellow, and pink) and are created with such care that every detail in the tubes and the carton boxes is as close as possible to actual condiment tubes.

Spice up your desk, pencil case, and documents with these Japanese kitchen colors and surprise your friends or coworkers with these unique markers.


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