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October 9, 2019

What's your computer speed tipping point? I may have just reached mine


Long (literally) story short: This morning I decided to upgrade to Catalina, which was released Monday.

The first sign things weren't going great was that it took over two (2) hours to download and install.

That was followed by a couple of pop-up windows regarding "Relocated Items" and "Security."

After I finally figured out how to get past them, I thought I was home free.

Well, I got it half right: I was home, but not anything like free.

My 2019 iMac, which cost me only $999 because — as my friend adt pointed out, it's still using a now-obsolete hard drive in lieu of flash — is now so slow I might as well be back on dial-up.

I get a 5-20-second-long spinning beach ball of death (top) when I attempt to do anything, even crop a picture.

I know I've remarked before about having pathological patience but I'm not sure how much longer I can take this pain.

It's not easy being a fanboi.

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And to agree with Luke, I have 3 chromebooks that almost never have a problem. I usually get refurbished, but they seem to iron any problems out after a while. They all cost less than $200 and are 1080 screens with usb c, one with touch screen. Over the years, I've had 7 or so, I donated the older ones to the local library. I prefer Chromebooks to tablets.

At home I spend 95% of my web surfing time on them, 4% windows and 1% other. I use my phone for controlling certain things like Sonos, but the Chromebook can do that too! At work it's all windows/linux.

Posted by: Greg | Oct 10, 2019 2:26:00 PM

Well a mac that new shouldn't have problems like that. I'm not sure about removing the hdd and replacing it with a ssd. I'm a windows guy and have a device that will clone a drive in 20 minutes or so. I assume it works for macs too since the device doesn't have to be connected to a pc.

I don't see anyone reporting problems like that. I dunno, wait for the next point update? Better yet, contact Apple support.

Posted by: Greg | Oct 10, 2019 2:14:14 PM

My chromebook takes 3 seconds to start up, 8 seconds to reboot, or 11 seconds to update the operating system and reboot.
Just sayin'.

Posted by: Luke | Oct 10, 2019 8:19:06 AM

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